Monday , July 4 2022

Scientists point out that brains are planning to & # 39; its future


At Berkeley University of California (United States scientists) the brains have been found with two "& # 39; He uses them to make predictions made in different parts of that organ.

This research suggests "there are two ways," because the brain systems "only exist", but also "actively anticipate the future", explained this researcher, Assaf Breska, and the day-to-day science portal.

So, one of these internal mechanisms It is based on past experiences and is related to the cerebellum, the other one again It depends on the rhythm and is related to the basal ganglion.

Rhythm-based system "is sensitive to periodic events, such as language and music". On the other hand, "the interval system offers a more general predictability, the sensitivity of the regular regularities as well as a static signal."

We hope that an example of a first situation will move to the body before the first release of the music, while the second changes the pedal accelerator while changing to a second part. .

This finds a challenge to a single development system that manages all of our time needs and suggests that one "neural clock" fails.

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