Sunday , August 14 2022

Scientists prepare a spicy tomato plan


Shallots and tomatoes should soon be combined with the path of scientists with nutritional fruit.

The researchers who propose this genetic engineering say that their goal is not to start a new culinary fashion, even though this is not entirely on board.

The main objective is to create a large quantity of capsaicinoids for more efficient production channels for commercial purposes.

Capsaicinoid has found numerous chili-peppers with nutritional properties and antibiotics, used in painkillers and pepper spray.

"Multiple health benefits Capsaicinoids make a valuable nutraceutical product, which may cause higher demands in the coming years," scientists wrote in the Review article in the Journal of Trends in Plant Science.

Heather and tomatoes share some of the same DNA because their cousins ​​have been lost, from the evolutionary point of view, splitting their original ancestor 19 million years ago.

Chili Pepper's genome sequencing and tomato have found the necessary genes for pungency in spicy tomatoes in engineering.

With the latest techniques in genetic editing, it is possible, even if the challenge of activating the tomato species, says senior author Agustin Zsogon, a biologist of the Federal University of Brazil, says a biological plant.

Nutrition fans note: researchers also say that developing new varieties of grocery store at the Grocery store.

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