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Scientists recommend slow-moving time

Although body and mind are good, Breakfast is forgotten Among the majority of Italians, according to polls, they spend an average of ten minutes and 20% take five days.

Silvia MigliaccioProfessor and Professor of the "Foro Italico" University School, and Paola Medde, Lazio Psychologists Order, advising how in the morning slowly return to seven points On the website Italian Food Union.

"Breakfast is essential to return to physical and mental functions, rewarded and provide energy nutrients, especially carbohydrates, which should be preferably complex, being 70%, but also a small amount of proteins and vitamins, vitamins, mineral salts and anhydrous", explained du Migliaccio.

"Biscuits, loaves, loaf or cereal with milk or yogurt with glass, along with served seasonal fruit, is very important to make it easier to digest," added Italian experts.

"Taking time, it helps us to protect more active and especially quiet days, the natural rhythm of the body does not suddenly wake up and prepare", concluded Migliaccio.

Change gradually, Prepare the table to stimulate your waking time and stimulate your appetite. Besides, it's in the morning The best time to talk to your partner and loved ones about the pending commitments, as well as the clear reflection and planning possibilities.

Finally, A slower lifestyle can prevent or slow down changes in aging. The breakfast extension "antioxidant fiber, A and C vitamins" and "polyphenols" would lead to the addition of fruit that could be an important part of free radicals, "they explained.

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