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second & # 39; Dyson sphere & # 39; star found


There is not a lot of civilization to cross the pure space. Radio Lasers. Maybe robotic probes. But a constitution could be alien to civilization, with energy hunger, the solar panel began with the star.

An incredible illness of engineering saw the apparent shadows of shadows appear above the galaxies.

Since the idea of ​​the 1960s, the search for "Dyson Spheres" is quiet as we seek in heaven, in an attempt to understand our universe.

The first competitor appeared in the 2015 study of data collected by the Kepler Planet Hunter telescope. KIC 8462852, named after Tabby's star, was strangely struck. Pulsing was erratic, fast.

There is another now.

VVV-WIT-07 is an old star. And it does not act correctly.

It's a balloon. And not too slow, as can be explained by something of mechanics. But quick

Is dust dusty? Is it a waste of a planet? Is it a cloud of clouds to close an orbit that closes a shadow? Or foreigners?

Unusual claims have to prove trials.

The problem is that it is difficult to obtain evidence against distant objects.

Verification of VVV-WIT-07

The old and red seats between our Sun and the Milky Way galactic were once again "flashed" in 2012. VISTA telescopes were part of a Chilean survey.

Astronomers sat down in their data to check their behavior and eliminate any technical defects.

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Six years later, he still does not know how to make his behavior discover new findings.

In 2012, VVV-WIT-07 continued to darken during 11 days. Shortly thereafter, it fell to almost black, more than 80 percent within 48 days.

It is much more noticeable than the KIC 8462852 (Tabby's Star), which is about 20 percent.

"It has to be one million kilometers wide, and it is very compact to block a lot of stars," Eric Mamaj of the University of Rochester told the astrophysician American scientist.

This star does not change brightly. Rhythmic pulse astronomers detect the presence of planets in one of the key eclipses.

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Questions arise, if legumes are not rhythmic, and their magnitude is extreme and rhythmic. It's much harder to get through the horizon of these planetary clocks, for example stars and other celebrated ceremonies.

It's a mystery.

In this case, it is a mystery that coincides with the forecasts of what we see remotely from civilization. But it is also a mystery, because it is not yet fully understood because of the functioning of the star system, the planet, the comets and the surrounding waste.


Tabetha Boyajian of Louisiana State University, in 2015, directed a group of amateurs in search of KIC 8462852, there is still not what will happen.

But he no longer feels alien mestizaje & # 39; It will be counted among contenders – at least one star with its name.

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"New data show that different light colors are locked in different intensities," he wrote recently. "That's why everything that passes between us and the star is not opaque, as it can be expected from planet or alien mechanics."

The VVV-WIT-07 orbital objects, however, are much more opaque.

So, aliens?

This is a giant leap.

The mystery is something that can be explained by the red stars of the dust clouds. Or maybe a catastrophic event on the solar system.

Only more observations will be said.

And these observations can come with some extraordinary things: at that time, the EPIC star was contender for the Dyson space 204278916. But if you look at clear patterns and behavior, astronomers probably have a pulse that is a giant ring that is 200 times larger than Saturn. Extra But feasible.

VISTA astronomers expect another dimming next year. In this way, they look at the VVV-WIT-07 to get an electronic look at VPN-WIT-07.

Everything that is found will be strange.

It will probably not be aliens.


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