Saturday , February 4 2023

Second part: If Judge Boca does not appear to have been sentenced after the verdict has been handed down by the judge


Daniel Angellici

CONMEBOL The Court of Appeals ruled that the decision of the rivers on Saturday happened after the next hours before the Libertadores final.
Boca already extends his defense with more than 46 writings and the prosecutor made statements for Boca before training yesterday. Xenequ demands leadership without acting without a champion. Now we just need to wait for the final vote.
There are three members of the Disciplinary Court to decide what happened, if they punish River or play in the game. Eduardo Gross Brown is a Paraguayan, Amarilis Belisario from Venezuela and Cristóbal Valdés from Chile. The other two members did not leave that subject. Diego Pirotta, for being Antonio Carlos Meccia in Argentina and Brazil, does not vote for Boca favor.
As America's television explains, Gross Brown is on the right side of Alejandro Dominguez, and believes he will bet on the final. Antonio Carlos Meccia decided to leave the vote. Brazil's fan of Brazil could vote for Boca, but justified the decision that Gross left the demonstrations in the Brazilian club's general and Scolari's dimension.
On the contrary, Amarilis Belisario is normally thrown out as Gross Brown. And Valdes, in Thailand, would vote through videoconferencing. That is, Boca would be very difficult to win.
Daniel Angelici, President of Boca, warned that they would not go to the Conmebol Constitutional Court and, if necessary, request the Sports Arbitration Tribunal (TAS).

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