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Secret Unlocking the Movie Sequence "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"


"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" He released a great deal of controversy over the fact that he was an interactive movie and others would like to know how to get to know the endings and how to get there, Netflix In a tweet, you can unlock the movie sequence.

Netflix revealed in his accounts United Kingdom TwitterThey wrote in a tweet "You thought you saw everything and tried to press it twice family photo (twice)".

What is unique about this sequence is to select a family photo or book, you need to double-click the family photo, which will take you to different results from Stefan's view.

SPOILER ALERT, from the moment you choose your family photo, while Stefan wakes up, starts off from his bed and goes to the table. When it comes to the JFD novel by the author of Jupiter's novels, it grows up.

It is supposed to be there Endings between 5 and 10, even if the reproductive platforms are just 5, in relation to these social networks They did not draw the drawings Stefan answers the questions he needs to make the decision.

What is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch?

If you see it first time "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch", you must know that Stefan is the protagonist who decides what happens and what decisions you make, knowing and knowing, the protagonist begins interact with the viewer.

What diagrams do you see with the series?

Diagrams are related making decisionsFor the protagonist's side, there are two options and answers the question that you can create story a bit longer or short story.

Regarding the use of diagrams, Black Mirror is one of the messages that is projected according to its chapter "White Bear", with this name you call this symbol, and it only appears in one chapter, but it appears in every section.

Black Mirror Chapters in the movie

If that's not the case, it's not surprising Do you know the movie Black Mirror Chapters? In fact, many events will appear in the new Netflix production unexpectedly.

Stefan's video game development is not new, he appeared in the second part of the third season of the science fiction section. playtest: Acronyms appear here TCKR and even more video game creator has the same name.

In this chapter, he also appears in the protagonist of the episode read a magazine And Bandersnatch appears in the name of the magazine. It also appears in the chapter of San Junipero, Cabeza de Metal and Black Museum.

San Junipero Medical Center

It's called San Junipero in the fourth episode of the third season, in the film BandersnatchIt appears unnoticed, but you realize that Stefan is a place where therapy is taking place. If you have not noticed it, it also appears in the "Black Museum".

These metal dogs refer to the film as they appear poster, the only section of the series caused many controversies. What are these dogs in the series? man kills them without any sense.

As we have already said, the symbol has a second symbol that appears in the second section of the second cycle, as a reference. White Bear section.

Da Black Mirror series news bulletin which is presented in the first section of the series. Holders also refer to these chapters USS Callister, 15 million merits, National Anthem, Waldo Moment, National Hate and Crocodile.

When Stefan joins Colin, he finds programming "Nohzdyve"A game of a character. This corresponds to the name of the chapter Nosedive (plummeted) Thus, it refers to a person who uses social networks that people choose.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch There were 3 weeks left to record and Netflix said with 5 endings, but with that end of the hidden hiding, there will be more surprises.

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