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See the SpaceX attempt to launch its malicious complex Satellite


On Sunday, SpaceX spends space on the largest cosmic carp to get out of the US land. The California aerospace company launches its satellites in orbit through its satellite orbit to launch 80-km satellites.

The mission called SSO-A rises slightly on the western coast of the company, in a few weeks, after the second flight of SpaceX. What makes a unique flight unique is that it will make Elon Musk's promise all summer: SpaceX's Falcon rigid version has been blocked 3 or 3 times. Booster made his first flight in May, promoting Bangladesh's first satellite. Fifteen weeks later, he flew again with Indonesian satellite communications lofting.

In the third ceremony, Falcon will deploy an army of small satellites in the Earth's orbit, including Earth observation, communication and art. Satellite access complex was organized by Spaceflight Industries, a perfect ride for small satellite companies to provide the perfect place to stay. Smaller satellites, developed by universities and research laboratories, have begun secondary schools, the need to tighten the space station supplies or share a larger satellite, if there is a room. The number of satellites launched annually in the year 453 continues to rise twofold in 2016, and Spaceflight Industries intends to find out more about how to escape from the ground.

Setting up many satellites at the same time is not easy. Each one must open it without pressing the rocket or the other. In order to tackle this effect, Spaceflight built a space for two trucks, also known as the Brochures (part of the frequency used for the rocket) and the Lower Free Flyer (Spaceflight design).

When Falcon arrives at 9 orbit, the microsatellite quartet will be separated directly from the Falcon high stage, while at the same time moving to the expected parking spaces of their orbit. On the rest of the satellites, "Kubate's march" will take part in each one of them, when each one jumps across the space, in a sequence of avoiding collisions within a five-hour vibration of a nerf pistol. When the passengers are diverted, Flyers will first try to pull the traces back to bring the environments that surround them when they enter again.

This Sunday it will be the second stage that will be launched. In 2017, India put 104 smallsats on its PSLV rocket -88s, Planet, a private image of the United States. The starting point was successful but the satellite crashes and the hopes of having a space debris. Another question is whether civil servants will continue to monitor the satellites properly.

Going to SpaceX will be the key to tackling these issues in order to reach many of the satelite launch markets. The rockets currently on the market, like the Falcon 9 or the United Launch Alliance Atlas V, are very large and expensive, sending a few satellites into space. Organizing the Uberpool Cosmic, like Spaceflight, is a way to alleviate the cost. Another is made through more recent aerospace companies such as Rocket Lab, which has developed a vehicle specially developed for small satellites.

Rocket Lab is not the only SpaceX competition. Virgin Orbit, Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson, a sister company of the future tourist company, are developing a rocket called LauncherOne. It is designed to launch Earth's low orbit satellites using a rocket inserted in the 747 stomach. Two weeks ago, the company carried out its first ship, and the plane flew with the rocket, but it was not fire. Launcher On would receive the next charge as soon as next year. SpaceX needs this aviation to be a mistake to help set itself up and not respond to other people's satellites' dreams.

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