Wednesday , February 1 2023

See the spectacular Soyuz Rocket From Space


The European Space Agency shows a new video for the launch of the Soyuz rocket.

This video has been captured by ESA by Alexander Gerst astronauts and Russia's progress The MS-10 freight ship released from Soyuz rocket on November 16. The spacecraft provided an astronauts supply and supply at the international space station and supplies the fuel to the ISS. He brought the spacecraft supply and 5,653 pounds of fuel.

The duration of the duration is 15 minutes from the start point condensed in minutes and a half minutes. The separation of the Soyuz-FG coefficient shows the separation of the phase of the nucleus after the nucleus that starts to burn in the atmosphere and afterwards recovering the fuel from the ground, and finally the Progress spacecraft is separated from the rocket and enters the orbit. ISS.

The rocket flies 17,900 kilometers per hour 249 kilometers before flying over Earth two days later.

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