Tuesday , January 25 2022

selective isolation for flood control


The Minister of Health of Chubut, Adrián Pizzi, gave a press conference on Rawson's House of Government on Wednesday, stating that the Provincial Council will "strengthen the main strategy to be developed" to link the occurrence of the Hantavirus. Selective contact isolation from positive or suspicious cases, that is, the only planned option and should not be condemned by people. "


On the other hand, Minister Adrián Pizzi has said that "today (Wednesday) the Ministry of Health confirms death between 3 people, between teens and two women, between 30 and 31 years of age, both Epuyen's population and the town of Trevelin, with the clear epidemiological outbreak of Epayo's hantavirus," according to all the cases that have been confirmed 24 and the number of the dead 9.


"Given this situation, we want to reinforce the strategy we propose to link the emergence of Hernando's Hantavirus: selective contact isolation is a positive or suspicious case, that is, the only option planned and will infect people." explains the head of the Gipuzkoa healthcare portfolio.

On the other hand, the Minister of the Interior, Federico Massoni, has said that this week he maintains a communication with the National Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich, all the security forces (Gendarmerie, Prefectures and Police) work together and train everyone to say what measures they need to take security measures to keep the disease cut and spread. "

"We will have more staff, we will train staff and have a strong regional presence (in the Andean)"he said.

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