Wednesday , September 28 2022

Sergio Berni: "I had to kill a criminal and I had no problem at all" – 05/12/2018


The former Security Secretary Sergio Berni criticized the new protocol issued by the Ministry of Police Patricia Bullrich: "Not applicable, the smoke is a bomb."

"The protocol is not applicable because it is contrary to the law. Caring for security forces is to act under the right. All regulations must remain in force in this country's prevailing law. He can not oppose the law against the constitution or against international treaties, "said Berni.

But his criticism was legal. "Another thing is to debate the spirit (the new rule), that you have to defend the citizens, that you have to defend and give authority. He is willing to kill the person with a gun and, therefore, a risk to society", Kirchner's former officer began.

"Everything that is within the law, the law is nothing, I do not agree with Carrio, I agree with my principles and my experience, I do not know how many of the misfortunes have been. to kill him or to throw down a criminal order. I had to do several times and never had any problems. I've always played a long time and the crime was killed and the victims were saved, "said Berni.

After reviewing their heroic actions, Berni again criticized Bullrich's protocol. "This is not a solution. It would be good to discuss background issues and not smoke bombs. It is an article loaded with subjective elements. What is subjective, like criminals with toy weapons, which is already envisaged in the law. There's nothing new"close Berni.

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