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Sergio Ramos yellow and red card

The captains Real MadridIt was Sergio Ramos Both games are suspended Champions League deliberately request a yellow card Ajax against the first lap of the 16th.

After the match in the Netherlands, Real Madrid beat the center by 2-1 He recalled that he had acted in love and therefore the game will be suspended if the future suspension is not compromised, in the next quarterly final or in the next round.

After these words, Ramos deliberately refused toThe penalty imposed by UEFA leaves the eighth return, but also in the first quarter of the quarter, Real Madrid qualifies for the round.

"Looking at the result, I would lie, I did not force myselfIt's something I have considered, and it's not the point that we have to point out the opponent's or tie, that you have to make complicated decisions in football, and I've decided to do it right, "said Ramos in the mixed zone.

Shortly thereafter he wanted to talk about Twitter's words, refusing to act voluntarily.

"I want to clarify that more than anyone is hurting, I have not forced a card, as I have played against the champions of last season, and I will bet stand for the excitement of being in the rooms," he wrote.

This quote was not convinced by the UEFA from the start He opened a file to analyze the case.

Last year, another Real Madrid player, Dani Carvajal, was penalized for a deliberately booked yellow card in the Champions League team.

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