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Serious: WhatsApp failure could be a chance for other people to read your conversations – 2014/01/14

Meanwhile WhatsApp It's one of the most important messaging applications to ensure it thank you encryption of the final section, has been shown by the user amazed when you are failure It is necessary to allow access to the history of another person's conversation and repeat this situation.

Abby Fuller, Amazon's creator, revealed that WhatsApp had access to a new phone number Charged conversations to the previous user With this number, when the telephone company was assigned to someone else, ordinary business practices.

Fuller stated that iPhone was registered new, SIMa It was never used before, do not encrypt the conversations, and have no backup copies of iCloud or Google Drive.

"I joined WhatsApp new phone number today and today message history It was from the owner of the previous number. this It does not seem appropriate"Fuller wrote on Twitter.

Abby Fuller's tweet detailing security bug.

Abby Fuller's tweet detailing security bug.

"And now I ask: How many times have happened? Who has my old number now with MY WhatsApp history? "He asked.

"Yes, It was a new device. No, he was not a second-hander. No SIM card was used. Yes, I'm sure my messages are not, or groups added to me. Yes they were in plain text. I'm sure of my phone number. There were no backups restored, "the user explained.

This failure, if it happens again, would replace it serious inconvenience For anyone who receives a number that has already been used the old conversation could be accessed, perhaps a sensitive material.

Although it can be used Spy on conversations with an active userstolen or clone your phone number from another device.

WhatsApp did not hurt any problems comment In this sense, experts say that it is best activate session in two steps to protect more privacy.

How to activate the session in two steps

To activate the top level security In WhatsApp, you have to login Settings menu By means of the application, by tapping three points at the top right corner.

Activation menu for WhatsApp's two-step verification

Activation menu for WhatsApp's two-step verification

You will enter "Account", and then, "2-Step Verification".

The system asks us Six-digit PIN registrationand we've linked the account to an email address if you forget your password.

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