Thursday , October 28 2021

She read her daughter's 10-year-old newspaper and raped her father


a 28 year old man he detained Salta and imputed by sexual abuse 10-year-old daughter, after a complaint the mother of the victim, who happened what was happening when she read the minaret newspaper, according to judicial sources.

The 2nd Criminal Court of the Criminal Court of Criminal Justice, headed by María Luján Sodero, has been accused of repeatedly increasing coexistence, attachment and custody in a real competition at the expense of a 10-year-old daughter.

Little children found Intimate girl's diary without security padlock and he decided to read it. In it, the girl revealed that her dad had done her sexual abuse.

In this situationShe looked at the girl from her daughter to school and became a psychologist, and told them they were repeated three or four times, and gave other details.

With the help of the educational establishment and authorities that go to the girl, she has filed a complaint.

When he confirmed his wife, the court dismissed everything and left the house, they later kept in contact with the mobile phone in a contact, He acknowledged what happened.

That is why it was arrested and, after his arrest, the Office of the Prosecutor General demanded his arrest.

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