Monday , October 3 2022

She revealed liquid water from the liquid Mars


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Experts have encountered a problem in mapping Hydrocarbon Hydrated Plates.

The scientists at Caltecheko (USA) conclude that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter interplanetary station data improper treatment, apparently, recognizes the presence of hydrated salts on the planet. In this way, they presupposed the presence of water on some of the planet, they are completely dry and lively.

Experts have encountered a problem in mapping Hydrocarbon Hydrocarbons, based on the information obtained from the infrared and low-infrared radiation (CRISM) spectrometer. Perchlorate reduces the freezing rate of 80 degrees water to make water liquid possible in the Martian environment. The existence of Mars perchlorates is also known as the surface of the planet and the landing of Phoenix's Curiosity Rover spacecraft.

The presence of minerals in Mars, scientists are a reflection of the different waves in the surface of the planet. Chemistry absorbs in a unique way and reflects light. However, the CRISM cameras did not always do the same, as well as the result of the light emission detection. The algorithms for correcting these errors, on the other hand, perchlorate the wavelength in the same spectrum. Scientists have written an algorithm to identify the CRISM's small perchlorate deposit maps, and the program shows the presence of low-intensity Marsen insects, with their unconditional formation.

Now the scientists make a more precise method for the recognition of perchlorate, apart from spectral data. According to the researchers, although perchlorates are still in Marsen, it is clear that it is much more difficult than previously thought.

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