Wednesday , May 18 2022

She was an experienced woman in her work


She was a woman who was dressed in the store she worked for; The violent incident occurred in the town of Villa María in Córdoba and was captured by a security camera.

A woman raped her with her partner Jose Maria
A woman raped her with her partner Jose Maria

The people of Villa María Córdoba were violent in the face of sexual violence. There, a woman Alfonsina Becerra raped her former associates while working at her clothing store.

As can be seen from the local camera security cameras, woman As he approached a man who attacked the floor of his room when he approached his neck and stomach. Then the victim continues to hurt while lying on the ground.

Later, according to TN, Alfonina Becerra was taken to a hospital in a pasteurized hospital, and her neighbors called for an appetite and called the police. du woman He's 26 years old and, fortunately, he's not in danger.

Meanwhile, the attacker arrested an hour later in the neighborhood called Bello Horizonte; He is currently investigating prosecutor Juliana Companys.

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