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She worked for 15 years with mussels, but never seemed terrible


December 5, 2016

He was a great sculptor who worked with the artwork at the time, but now everything has changed forever.

Canadian plastic artist Gillian Genser He worked hard for a lot of time and effort: he worked for more than 15 years Adam's first sculpture, based on shells mussels.

Since 2003, the woman has been struggling with more effort than this strange task. On Wednesday, through the magazine Toronto LifeHe said he brought this to him serious consequences.

To do this, Genser cooked mussels and left to move forward. drill and peel for 12 hours a day.

After a few months, the first symptoms appeared. It started at the beginning headaches and vomiting, then her mobility. When he had seized his tools, he also suffered from misfortunes.

The worst moment was 2013 He could not get out of bed Excessive pain in his body. The weakness was strengthened and he could not even say the whole sentence, even if he lost it Hearing ability on the left ear. In that regard, he admitted: "I thought I was dying, but I wanted to finish Adam's sculpture. "

Antidepressants, antipsychotics and tranquilizers went on, but that did not help. Even though the doctors ask for toxic materials, he said, for natural products, such as eggs, bones, corals, dried plants or mussels.

Hundreds of tortoises appeared alive on the Mexican coast

But in 2015, blood tests showed that women had a very arsenic and lead, and was diagnosed heavy metal poisoning As a specialist explained, shells and bones were deposited with toxins and the parts of the metal came into the body to breathe dust.

"I could not finish it finished. All sorrow would be nothing"Age called "My beautiful death". Women are still not recovered, and due to neurological illnesses, they also have the risks of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease.

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