Monday , September 26 2022

Shot by Ashen's trailer and will soon be on sale


Ashen's trilogy is shot and seems to soon be releasedMore than one strategy is considered to be in a movement that is more than just a leak, the official channel was reported Xbox She has shown the video presentation ashen, exclusive gaming console MicrosoftWhat will be considered to be one of what we will see in a few hours Game rewards.

Production house Aurora4A (A44 for boys) has had time to develop RPG action E3 2017 which we officially knew since 2015. It seems, by default, to start the video in the channel Xbox to get rid of it immediately, but not before seeing curiosities YouTube. Witnesses say they say that the video is "available" ashen In fact, it would soon be available for sale.

This is not surprising if we take into account the rumors that indicate this ashen It will be one of the games that will be announced during the game Game rewards; In addition, the virtual store Xbox Previously, apparently wrong, this game would have come tomorrow. Leaked to the store another piece of information Xbox that's it ashen It will weigh 6.61 GB to make a very specific detail a mistake.

Sources: DualShockers and Gamerheadquarters

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