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ShowMatch: Review Molle Moli's Strong Behaviors With His Wife – 11/01/2019

That is true In 2011 society was different. Attitudes of gender violence and women's object in television were commonplace. In this context, Marta Galiano is known as "La Negra" and Mole Moli ShowMatch.

The predecessor, the general dancer, went forward He told the subject he had in his house, among other things- "family members" had to prepare and make home food.

In each of your participation, Marcelo Tinelli I joked La Negra and he He said before dancing about her husband's demands, he had taken the rehearsals. "I ate my old food, and now he prepares for me," he said from the outside to the boxer, not caring for his wife's other activities.

Discussions also included wrists, miniskirts and dressing. "You can call the journal man To make a production of the girls, "Tinelli questioned. "I will do it as far as I want"He convinced Mole.

Marta Galian shared the sensual dancers with the dancer. La Mole did not like it. Catch the tv

Marta Galian shared the sensual dancers with the dancer. La Mole did not like it. Catch the tv

Tinelli stressed that "if you have to promote the competition, you must do so Play Boy, man or whatever, without asking her husband. "With laughter, Molek said this "I do not care about your program, I decide whether it's doing it"replied the boxer.

In another case, after performing the hot Cha-cha-cha, "La Negra" commented on what people asked about Marcelo Street musicians, but Tinelli – warned the possible consequences – after the jealous husband threatened: "You have to pay attention to your case, you will be tied up and not the people"It was the answer of crude moles.

A few minutes before Tinelli had a strong cross. "You are going to put on the people you are doing. Do it, I think it's great, but my Black, I'm not serious, Culiao. I'll give a black kiss and I'll make a ass shot. I am serious"Boxer threat.

"I did a lot of bad things with La Negra and I played it badly several times. But I always loved him. Who are you, even if you own all this, I will not accept it, "said La Molek.

And he added: "Here it is only for dancing. I'd like to show the town's love for the city. You missed something, how much marriage did you have? ".

Another view of the couple's conflict took place in 2010 when La Mole was a participant and Tinelli told her that Marta was. The driver called the woman directly to join the phone, since then She threw her home for a month.

"It was noon face and I did not give a ball." The night came and it did not eat me, I threw the monkey. They need food, I make fun"Mole clarified.

"The next day I asked him what the problem was and did not answer me. I'm angry. Two days have passed since the smartphone answered me"he said.

"The problem is talking to him."Marta clarified. "He eats it on Sunday, I do not know why he wanted food," added La Negra.

"I do not like women to go to bed for breakfast," La Mole concluded. A few minutes later, he admitted: "I am loving at home. I always say that it was a kitchen, but I reconsidered myself. I recycled again".

"I know they love it, but I can not do that, I have broken eggs every dayWhen Martha caught her, "It's true to talk a lot. He fell in love with others"Added by Cordova.

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