Friday , August 19 2022

"Siesta kills party": the caramel photo of Flor Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León on the bed


The Superfinal between River and Mouth It was suspended in the middle of a scandal. The game had to be played on Saturday 24, but by the incidents with the Xeneize squad it was passed for Sunday. Finally, the meeting was not carried out after a request from Daniel Angelici to the Conmebol since the conditions were not given.

Following the postponement of the Copa Libertadores match, Florence Peña He shared with his more than 2 million followers a very affectionate picture lying in bed with Ramiro Ponce de León, his partner and the father of his son Felipe. "Siesta kills party", wrote in the social network.

The actress is having a year with a lot of work for her participation as a jury in the Dancing 2018. In addition, he starred in a moment of much exposure when leaked hot audios between Ponce de León and a woman called Eliana Mendoza.

Peña admitted that these conversations were true and explained that they practice poliamor: "We have a consensual and open relationship where none does anything that has not been talked about, I do not want to hear details in an audio and he is not one of mine either. "

"It is a construction full of love and openness. What Ramiro made is consensual, I would have liked not having to listen to intimate audios. I do not believe in monogamy, but in forming a partner from absolute love; The last thing I want to do is that he is at this point, and if he asked that the chats not be leaked, it was because they knew they would harm me, but I already knew of existence, "he concluded.

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