Friday , May 20 2022

Silvia D 'Auro's Winger against Jorge Rial: "This channel …!"


Silvia D 'Auro and Jorge Rial separated for seven years, since they have no connection, and we can say they hate each other. Although they do not try to talk about each other, they occasionally flee and the comments are quite controversial. Nice time …

The driver of the Intruder's wife, Posted by Twitter account, a tweet by another user said: "I do not see the channel (America), Silvia, and you know a lot less. I do not have a name saying that the account is closed, the old slob." Media He retrieved the message and added: "There was nothing in this channel!" In addition, he also added an emoji that appears.

It must be remembered, some years ago, that Morena Jorge was asked about pregnancy news Duro I was your daughter. At that moment, the journalist awakened and said: "Mother of Morena? If you take part? Where? I do not understand … She left for eight years and left everything eight years ago. She did not take part, nor did she work … No He has participated in anything. Leave me not to talk about it. "

On the other hand, SilviaHe said a few years ago: "I have not talked to Jorge now. When I called him, when Morena was confused, on one side of Loly, I told her what was happening to the girl, I did not call her to talk about divorce, insult me, hang up and He contacted the lawyer, so he called me and asked me what did you do? When I was not sorry, I did not apply everything I had learned the last time. They got mad for me, but that's it. My pain was great and it allowed me to grow I was sorry. I apologized and he wants to. "

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