Monday , January 18 2021

Silvio Romero: "Holan is an open coach"

In recent days, the debate has increased Independent of Avellaneda. Reds for a few deaf people criticized how they work Ariel Holan. Emmanuel Gigliotti and Jons Gutirrez, Among other things, Deffensa and Justice were attacked by former coaches since they left the organization politically. The case was different Silvio Romero, from independence. He has highlighted the interviews with Radio La Red's attackers and their technical director.

For the first time, Silvio highlighted the role of Holland in the cast of Avellaneda's cast: "Ariel tells us what our business relationship is, the players who have made progress, the sale, a great semester, and that has made progress and yes Both clubs have decided to speak a lot, but nowadays our relationship with the technical director is very good.

Meanwhile, he later spoke about Gigiliotti sales. "It's a personal thing, it does not disturb me, Puma is a type of person, and Ariel is, I can say that I have no problem personally." Ariel coach is open and a lot of players talk about who he is. Close and make the decision, take it. Some people like it and others do not, but it does fulfill this role to be DT, then they remain with us or not. The team has to continue vigorously, it has made many Puma goals this semester and it will be the role of the club and the coach, "said Cordobs.

Romero also added: "I feel very well, I'm happy and I value it, I'm a great club. Outside the outside does not take the most dimension of independence, to live in the day we live, to win the title. International people, despite the irregularity, are very happy I am not. "

Before the departure of Puma, a 30-year-old attacker thinks he will be in a better position. "I feel good and you want to play all the matches, there is an internal competition, there are many friends that you can play with my friends, I feel comfortable inside, I have the characteristics of the center, the idea is playing this semester," Silvio sentenced.

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