Sunday , May 16 2021

Sipros is not guaranteed in Tucuman's hantavirus cases

"Hello … is it all right? Epuyén has more coverage for the dollar!" Eduardo GulíasIt has a cabin near the city center. "The situation is complex, but not exasperate," said Gulias, a part of her family in Tucuman. Complexity is called the Hantavirus and the Mum called Long Cats (Well, but Saliva, Stool and Urine). The novelty is that there were cases of transmission between people.

There is no risk

"It is a geographically occurring occurrence and there is no such danger," he said. Rogelio Cali, Sipros Epidemiology Director. Hantavirus does not like mosquitoes or flu. It is a large family of viruses and there are many subtypes (the Ministry of Health of the Nation has stated that it is in the southern Andean tension). "" There may be an apparition in the province, but its occurrence would be, "he added. Those who plan to travel in the area do not risk.

"The occurrence is the only inhabitant of Epuyen, it usually works in all other areas of the Andean region, it would be advisable to follow the recommendations for the trip or the camp," said Guliak.

"In fact, except for those with quarantine, all people have a normal life, and national journalists are working," said LA GACETA Hugo Moreno, Focus FM 99.9-Epuyen.

Emergency and prosecution

Things were officially released on December 3, and yesterday nine people were killed; There are 26 confirmed diagnoses and two under observations, according to the Ministry of Health of Chubut. The authorities declared an emergency, and 10 years ago the isolation of the people who suffered the virus was organized.

"It was the Crown throughout the municipal dependence. 90% of public activities depend on the city (in the gym, library, courtyard, and even in the pay room)," said Gulias. "There is a group that should be isolated from the infected family environment and endangered people," he added.

The Ministry has reported that about 85 people are required to cut the virus transmission chain, but it is complex: "there are people who do not respect the measures and do not comply," said the minister, Adrián Pizzi, and decided to go to Court of Justice. According to Focus FM 99.9-Epuyen, on Thursday, provincial health authorities called for the insulation to be compulsory. "The specific request is within 30 days of being a selective home insulation," the minister explained.

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