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Six people swallow LEGO and make their zoology through science


Horror: The LEGO heads were swallowed up in 1.14 days by 3.04 days during the course of 1.71 days.
Increase / Horror: The LEGO heads were swallowed up in 1.14 days by 3.04 days during the course of 1.71 days.

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Here are some great news that have little kids who are worried about their parents with LEGO (or two). A few days after a new study by pediatric researchers has appeared again in the new toy. They know this, because the test subjects voluntarily LEGO figurine heads swallowed up and controlled how long it took to recover.

Yes, it's a real scientific paper Pediatrics and Child Health Magazine With the title, "Everything is Awesome: Do not Forget the LEGOs". Depending on the same group of pediatricians, behind the well-known blog Do not forget Bubbles. "In the end, he answered the question of smoking: how long does LEGO lead to inert heads?" DFTB co-creator and author of paper Tessa Davis tweeted. "This is a dedication to pediatrics, but it is worthwhile to advance the attention of science and pediatric emergencies."

We look for it, but it really is a direct concern. Bruce Y. Lee, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says ForbesSmall children devour things, especially coins. Previous studies have carried out studies on the passage of coins through digestive tracts, especially in the 1971 paper, when most of the coins went through three or six days.

But no one looked closely at the second most ingesting element: small pieces of toy. And the LEGO figurine heads are very attractive for toddler cuisine.

Increase / "We're looking for Poo, so you do not have it."

T. Davis et al. / Do not forget the Bubbles

How do you find six adults (three men and three women) who want to swallow LEGO pieces? Davis et al. They were taught in the online community of pediatric hospitals professionals. Everyone from previous gastrointestinal surgery has demonstrated that the problem can be swallowed by the object or the "anti-purification problem".

Each patient maintained a "tabako-diary", recording LEGO heads before and after swallowing the intestinal movements. Nurses' frequency and looseness have been assessed based on the Stool Diffness and Transit (SHAT) score of the research group. (Who said that the pediatrician did not have humor?). After swallowing the toy, they spent the next three days with their poo, LEGO appearing again. The number of days spent and recovered was named "Found and Retrieved Time" (FART).

Never again was LEGO recovering his head.

Five of the six subjects had FART scores from 1.14 days to 3.04 days, 1.71 days average (about 41 hours). And a sharp man never regained LEGO's head. we have now know This is a paper author and pediatric consultant Damien Roland say CBC He continued to pursue his poo for two weeks, trying to reappear part of the toy. Maybe it would help a more bizarre diet?

As Lee says, it's a small study, more than adults. Shat and FART scores can be changed by the general population. There was no blind study, because the authors believed that the study participants would ask a lot of colleagues or colleagues about the number of pooch. The small toy of other forms may have short or long periods to pass through your body.

"A toy object goes beyond adult-matter subjects", the authors conclude with adding an important note: "It should be advised to parents that it is not difficult to find objects in ornaments." But could not LEGO figurine heads swallow first, right?

DOI: Pediatrics and Child Health Magazine, 2018. 10.1111 / jpc.14309 (about the DOI).

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