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Smart warehouses: from San Telmo to the world – 11/25/2018


ABB, asea Brown Boveri's acronymIn Zürich, Switzerland is the main headquarters in Switzerland and has been with us for nearly a century with all kinds of electrical equipment and robots. The South Cone distribution is led by Jose Paiva, who, despite the crisis, closed the 2018 sales volume in 2017, as another indicator of renewable energy dynamics, where generators provide. , and the latest investments in technology are.

but The great innovation of the company is the role of engineers designing archaeological engineers who have designed warehouses designed Robots, computerized merchandise handling systems and self-propelled trucks with electric motors. After performing three molecules, another one with Telefónica, a robot that joined YuMi, was premiered these days and others have been featured with Mondelez and McCain, developed by YPF. It is a storage for lubricants and specialty ten trucks for its self-propelled vehicles.

With that background, ABB took over the technology headquarters in San Telmo throughout the world into the world There are other export technologies, which are incubated in two local local workshops, one from Valentín Alsina and one in Tucuman. Valentín Alsina produces and exports medium voltage cells and control systems and process units in other parts of Latin America. Through the Tucumán plant, the region supplies all kinds of switches. But one of the smaller ABB parties is intelligent robots in the assembly line of automotive lines. 1,300 installed, 70% of auto parts in Argentina in the manufacturing process.


Looking to 2019, The policy includes images from different congresses. Thus, on Wednesday night, witnesses were surprised by José de Mendiguren, Julio Piumato, Julio Barbaro, unionist and central head of Aldo Pignanelli, at the same table at the traditional Edelweiss. Thanks to the loud voices that the country would welcome Dead cow. And Mendiguren and Piumato, the strong supporters of Idea Dialogue, told others that the 2018 version was the most boring.

New Longevity

du GREEN LONGEVITY It is one of the leading players in developed economies. Because the phenomenon is generated The number of older people is increasing. In Argentina, 25% of the population over 50 had more than 11 million and added 3 points to 2030 points, according to the INDEC. 6.8 million of them are over 60.

Alicia Moszkowski, in the 90's of the country to create and create a shopping culture, has had a life expectancy of more than 30 years in the first decades and people who have previously been excluded. Suggest new ways to take full time and practice. However, our society has still been managed, structured and conceived with reference points of the last century, and a third of our existence is retired or retired. The longevity changes the paradigm ".

Moszkowski brings to Argentina Aging2.0, a global network of 25,000 people that advocate innovation, technology, the elderly and the elderly. "The goal is to significantly increase the life of the elderly, connecting, educating and supporting the interconnections of all the disciplines related to this segment," he explained. Newly born economy in the country. It will be one of the first activities of Aging2.0 Detect innovation by local companies in this segment.

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