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Smoking marijuana age 3 brain years, the study revealed

Mexico welcomes the legalization of marijuana use, In November last year, he made a key step forward Before the Senate, the Cannabis Law and the General Control Act.

This law would establish general guidelines on the regulation of cannabis growing, growing, harvesting, production, labeling, packaging, promotion, advertising, protection, transportation, distribution, sale and marketing.

He also wants to create the Mexican Institute of Cannabis Regulatory and Control Institute Licensing for licenses over five years for crop, harvest, production, treatment and sales for commercial purposes. From now on, this law can be adopted in the middle of 2019.

The law's argument indicates that "The prohibition policy approved by Mexico in the last two seasons, in this armed conflict, was" a war against drug trafficking "., creates it two consequences because of failure: the Strengthening violence every corner of the country and Penalties for the vulnerable sectors of society due to activities related to cannabis ".

For many years, the effects of marijuana and people's brain behavior have been analyzed, however, Most reports agree that there is still a long way to go about studying and discovering the impact of cannabis on health.

Some proven data when using marijuana are: Dependent on the dependence of the century, 9% of those who tested them. It reduces the different aspects of cognitive function, especially memory. Also, the critical memory region can reduce the volume of the hippocampus, although it is intense and long-lasting.

The data that relates to cognitive diseases and specific brain changes are not necessarily the same. Discussions about these changes are still reversible.

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, which was published in Alzheimer's Disease magazine, We know that smoking marijuana is about 3 years old on average.

The report explains that marijuana is aging in the 2nd year of the brain, which causes bipolar disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Schizophrenic brains were faster, an average of 4 years.

Brain aging reduces blood flow through the body. The reduction in pulmonary blood flow is associated with previous strokes and dementia.

"Finding the abuses of cannabis is very important, as our culture begins to see marijuana as a harmless substance." This study requires us to rest "Amen said.

The researchers have studied 31,227 people, with 62,454 development. They were nine months and 105 years old, to determine the factors that affect brain aging.

Blood flow was also studied in 128 different regions of the brain, which determined how many years it was for individuals. Once they met the real age of the person, they measured the rapid aging rate.

Paradoxically, a new study presented at the Society of Neuroscience has demonstrated that marijuana with rodents treated with THC active substance has reduced brain-related plaques to Alzheimer's.

These were the mice 20% less beta amyloid plaques (a substance that accumulates in Alzheimer's brain) and less inflammatory damage.. On the other hand, they have achieved better results in memories-related tests.

In addition to this new discovery, there are outstanding studies The benefits of moderate consumption of this plant, for example, made the National Science, Engineering and Medical Academy of the United States review over 10,000 investigations to find out about the medical benefits of cannabis. The results are presented in the 400-page report.

The most complete results confirm that marijuana is effective in treating chronic pain, lto reduce nausea after chemotherapy and reduce the symptoms of sclerosis.

The report also notes that marijuana is moderately consumed sleep, relax, create more creativity, eat, reduce nausea, anti-spasmodic and contraceptive.

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