Monday , July 4 2022

So you can export your own Flickr images to Google Photos


A few days later flickr, a website that allows you to store online photos, He announced that he now has to pay for continued use of its services which has not been dumped for users.

This has taken alternate paths to protect your photos and videos, and it's one of them Google PhotosYou can "rescue" everything in Flickr.

To do this, we must continue Method somewhat delayed, but effective This will provide security to people who own multimedia content.

How many pictures can Google Photos upload to your "unlimited" store?

How to export Flickr images to Google Photos

Download photos from Flickr

First and foremost, you should download and download all the pictures on the platform you have, then coil and select the images you want to download.

After that, there are several options that will appear and one of them download, it is clicked and downloaded .zip files, this format must be approved.

Upload photos to Google Photos

Once you've done this and upload all the downloaded photos, we will continue to upload Google Photos and start this decoding files.

Once this is finished, you must go to the Google Photos service and click the button go up, which is located at the top edge of the screen, so the downloaded files will be added.

Selected files, you must select the option open so that files will start to rise, because larger sizes will take less time.

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