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So you can open two or more WhatsApp web sessions on the same computer

You are two or more WhatsApp accounts and you do not know how to consult computer? Here you will find four steps to open Your web formatting sessions and do not miss out on mobile messaging conversations.

Perhaps the connection becomes complicated if you have two or more accounts, but it is easier than in reality.

There are four easy steps to open two or more WhatsApp sessions from computers

It's the first one the search engine you open and open a QR code scan to open an account.

Then you can do it It occupies another browser and opens the second session of the application.

The third step is to open in the hidden window, which you can find on your priority search engine tools.

In the end you need it in the new window you have scanned a new account for more sessions on the same computer.

You can do that Have two or more WhatsApp accounts from your computer.

Are you a friend of WhatsApp?

This month, the coordinator of the Faculty of Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of Mexico (UNAM), Erika Villavicencio Ayub, said There are parameters that allow you to identify the company's dependence.

"There was no diagnostic and statistical manual (DSM-5), however, the latest tests and symptoms could be detected by the dependence of information and communication technology (ICT)," he said. For the largest Mexican Journal of Studies.

Among others They are the first symptoms of WhatsApp experts: forget about sleep, your personal attention and even your food; Additionally, when addiction advances, anxiety attacks are captured, because they can not be limited to isolate their use and their family members, friends and colleagues.

Specialist mentioned to treat this dependency, the patient needs it He or she must diagnose the doctor to determine if he or she prescribes a therapeutic or therapeutic behavioral control, drugs and therapeutics.

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