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So you can record a short one with your mobile phone


Recording or audiovisual experience wants to specialize in any type of equipment. However, Huawei and Discovery questioned one of the country's most well-known directors in order to test new Huawei Mate 20 Pro news stories about Artificial Intelligence. All of them had to produce Mate 20 Pro and they had to meet the Discovery channel standards.

Each director challenged the creation of the perfect content for a mobile phone for his cell phone. Huawei Mate 20 Pro has three camera systems, 40MP camera, 20MP camera and ultra wide-angle lens and 8MP telephoto camera. Behind the "intelligence" project is the perfect lens for leaders and leaders of this project.

Five shorts will be presented through the Discovery channel. Each one that exceeds the standards of reason for one reason is related to any kind of story.

The five chapters feature amazing experiences, the most amazing natural environments in the country, the ability to jump in space, light and movement, behind a great idea and a love story about technology. These stories will break the dreams and really possible limits. Do not miss stories: Discovery's "Only behind intelligence".

HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro triple camera behind five directors

Cristina Sánchez Salamanca is the head of "Saltar a vacío". Orlando Duque is a famous diver. "HUAWEI Mate 20 Prok offers many opportunities for filmmakers, I chose a break, where I felt I was able to take advantage of its features: rolling a jump. When it was running on a broad and natural landscape, it was able to visually display its camera's incredible clarity, focus and contrast it gets dreamy frames, "said Sánchez.

The director of Jhonny Hendrix is ​​the story "Love for innovation", featuring Carolina Angarita, Discovery Colombian CEO and VP Discovery Digital Latin America. "I like telling stories, my grandmother and my father's heiress, give the profile of the concave spiral direction, inspiring and beginning with the beginning of a good story. HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro thanked me for changing the beauty of its hand with five fingers and beauty," he says famous directors

María Victoria de Narváez is the director of the business of William Shaw. Mexican business and Viva Colombian airline founder. "Intelligence is the set of characteristics and capabilities that allow us to see and understand the world, thanks to the way we use this series of features, the brand renews us and leaves us. It was very interesting for me to work on this project, along with William, among regional entrepreneurs."

Director Alejandro Ranchez "The light that moves us & # 39; He created the story with creative Jimmy Rangel. "I want to integrate and explore all the features offered by HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, focusing on the light and movement. I always look for the images and people who are looking for emotional impact as a director, I wanted to focus on the movement of the human body, the expression and image that could be created with it. the most amazing, exotic movements and beauty, "he said.

Director Miguel Jaramillo & # 39; Luxurious New Travel & # 39; He is behind him and tells his own point of view. "Those who understand the true meaning of a luxury luxury become part of a superior intelligence, and this is exactly what we have summarized. Considering the subjectivity of the abstract, it develops with a tone that becomes a viewer, with an adventure, stomp and a unique experience in Colombia. He tells the motivation he is looking for, in the hands of HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, "Jaramillo said. (KienyKe)

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