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So you can record calls to WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp It is an application that has become an essential part of our lives, we use to talk with our loved ones, as well as talk with colleagues. Therefore, many users search recording calls and video calls have more control over the contact with others.

The Recorder and the AZ Screen Recorder are the two tools that help you record App Immediate messages, But you can use it to get all kinds of projected content on your phone screen.

them applications You can record the local atmosphere of Android available when you use it.

If you have not tried yet, We will tell you to record calls or video calls from WhatsApp using these functional applications.

The AZ screen recorder is "gold standard". All applications for mobile screen screen capture on the Android portal.

You'll find it free of charge on Play Store. It has an overlay button that has no recorded content.

This application is very easy because it only gives a button to record the playlist and shows you the countdown. It also has a video editor that helps you improve the quality of your clips.

It does not have time frames in the filigree or on the screen recordings.

It can also be found in the Recorder Play Store, It is valued with high scores.

It is important to allow audio and multimedia files when you install the application so the videos will be saved.

Every time you start a recording, you will be prompted for your authorization so that you can do it before or after the video call begins..

The recording time icon will always remain on your screen, so you know

Remember that the audio remaining in your recording is the device, so you will hear when the clip is playing.

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