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Soccer, wine and her girlfriend company: Luis Miguel de Buenos Aires was the first night

Once presented at the Orfeón Supermarket in Cordova, Luis Miguel went to Buenos Aires Two shows (one today and one another) to be published in the Argentine Polo field. After four years of preparing for a meeting with the Buenos Aires office, Mexican Sun. His departure was approved tonight beside his girlfriend.

Then go to Puerto Madero and there, yes, In any case, Mollie Gould, and ate in a nearby restaurant, as he knew teleshow. Although the Mexican star has a large number of people on the street, his followers continue to be closer to his fans. He did not smile.

As you can see in the pictures, he moved in a luxurious vehicle that drives his personal driver, always with the person in charge of the security of the couple. She wore a short black dress and cut her hair. With her a light blue shirt without a tie and blue suit.

Mexico's star has been played in Argentina on Tuesday night with the show in Córdoba, After four years. Before 22 minutes, the artist went to the stage with the black suit and the white shirt, following the style. The night started If you gohe continued You are alone and he went like a lot of hits Love, love, love, Under the table and Unconditional. It expanded with people, when it was You have forgotten me, the singer asked the people: "Do you know".

At night, pleasant spas alternated with mild issues and euphoria, little intermittents. He lost a few lairs to switch wardrobes, a black shirt and a vest to make a success.

When the last explosion occurred Decide and Orpheus heard himself crying. The singer was a running of the bulls to return with the hands of those who were on the front line, balls and fifty games, which were distributed at the end of the rest of the audiences.

After two hours, Luis Miguel left the "thanks cordova" stage and left for Buenos Aires To continue with the 2019 Tour of the Tour, the Argentine Polo will be the protagonist of the 1st and 2nd of March.

In short, a sample of the absolute value of the performer, a 36-year career, has sold more than 100 million albums Throughout the world, recordings from Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, along with his 6 Grammy awards and 4 Latin Grammys, keep the energy and trip with the audience, as in all concerts. He was the first of his life.

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