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Sol Pérez negar Mirtha Legrand moved – 25/11/2014


After a complicated week, he scored a great score Dance of 2018, Sol Pérez (25 years old) visit the program on Sunday Mirtha Legrand (91 years old) and Diva moved When you remember meals The tragic death of Grandma happened two years ago. She started shouting in the air and Chiqui comforted her.

Sol remembered in El Trece traffic accident When the grandmother's life was over, Araceli (82 years old) In June 2016, after a women's medical consultation He escaped a motorcyclist who escaped Bocalandro hospital portal.

After a question by Mirtha, Sol remembered that solid day He told the family about what happened to his family. However, First, the scene reached his father.

"My father had gone to Bocalandro and, When it arrived, my grandmother was still blood and clothesThis means that they did not do anything The accident was killed at 6:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. What have they done right now? "He denounced Vedette. Together together.


"The weather girl" moved to remember her grandmother. (Television capture)

At that time, Mirtha wanted to know if it was true that her grandmother wanted it Dancing and Sol does not have emotion. "Before starting the track, he made a cross signal and asked me. It's something I've never got through. You always have these things «Do you know how much I love?»"he said through tears.

Then Mirtha lifted the glass thread and, with emotion-filled eyes, said:Let's get mad at Araceli in the sky, I'm sure"He looks at us, he was your enthusiast," added "the beautiful girl in the weather."

Sol Pérez with Mirtha Legrand and the rest of the guests on Sunday. (Twitter)

Sol Pérez with Mirtha Legrand and the rest of the guests on Sunday. (Twitter)

In addition, as well as panelists Spectacle specialists (El Trece, 16.15), recalled that after his grandmother's death he began to give birth better and better, and Mirtha was also invited to her dinner for the first time.

"I said it My grandmother has sent me all this & # 39;. Then it happened to me that everything happened to me, he sent me and I really appreciate it. I love and I will always love, "said Sol, tearfully.

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