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Sol Perez remembered the tragedy that his grandmother took


The star of the dance and the participant this Sunday was one of the guests to have lunch with Mirtha Legrand for lunch. Source: Archive – Credit: Source: Twitter by Mirtha Legrand

This Sunday,

Sol Pérez

It was one of the guests
At the restaurant Mirtha Legrand. Today, the climate climate is one of the favorites of the former public

Dancing a dream

and is preparing with the first star
Together together, Barbieri Magazine and Bal.

When he talked about Sol's professional profession, his grandmother asked Araceli, who died in June 2016. "Do you want your grandmother to go to Bailando," she swallowed.

"When I was dancing and singing little, my grandmother lived with us and was my mother.
DancingIt came from you, "He just remembered him unfortunately and tried to escape tears.

However, Chiqui asked her about the death of women. "He drives cars and never knew anything, that's the case, and there are lawyers but nobody is doing anything," said Vedett.

"Because my grandmother will do a research that does nothing, she has not had cancer in her stomach, it was super vital, she was doing tennis, she was aquagym, she was 82," said Pérez. "One morning he left the house, took the bus and crossed the street to reach Bocalandro (Hospital) and a man crossed the red one and goes to my grandmother," he recalled.

He said that there were not "very curious" elements, such as the cameras during the accident, the driver was not arrested in any way and in the police station he said "he was an elderly person", minimizing death.

He also said other irregularities, such as being informed about the hospital's telephone accident, but they did not reveal that his grandmother died and when they came to the family they infected his clothes and cocks. "They did not do anything, my grandmother had an accident at 6 in the morning and died at noon, what did they do at the time?" Sol asked her among the tears.

Vedett revealed that he would offer all his grandmother's dances. "I could not overcome something and I would never want to overcome it … Have you ever had that? How much do I love you?" Do you always love every family you love? "She reflected, it was my grandmother," Perez concluded, and the dancer offered a slice of bread to her, that the woman was "super-fanatic".

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