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Solanas leaves – 09/01/2019


Whoever confines himself to a preseason in a short period of time (13 days) and after forecasting work, River knows that there is not much time left. But some factors changed the group's stay in Punta del Este. And, above all, Gallardo, the insolvent state of the courts in the solanae. There was still no contact with the ball on the premises in these three days and, when faced, the outlook does not help: rain is expected on Thursday and during the weekend. Then, knowing that the training will end on the 17/1 and the 15/1 respect to the National, it has been decided that: On Friday, they will return to Buenos Aires, if they find a way to travel, Olé will know.

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As it has been said a day agoThe kanchaite complex with Solanas is not ideal from 11 to 11: in different places and without regulation measures (90 x 45), it is only used for physical laboratories. And two other courts located outside, in another house in the Punta del Este Football Club in El Jagüel, are commonplace.

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The Maldonado camp was used to use the Maldonado camp, although it will be played next Wednesday against the Uruguayan National. The reason? Last week Rugby played seven games and the grass suffered the consequences. Because, they say, we'll have to see how to get a friendly date …

Then Millo was expected to return to Buenos Aires.

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