Tuesday , March 21 2023

Soledad Fandiño, Emerald Mitre, has been deleted on her phone, and continues in Dancing in 2018: see your reactions!


Actors were on the line, but the first ones René Pérez He ended the competition's revelation.

Soledad Fandiño expelled Esmeralda Miter in the 2018 Dantza

End Dance of 2018 It is in the corner, and it seemed to them that were fine until yesterday, they will end today. Tinelli was the last to leave the competition Emerald Miter, a great revelation of the competition, could not go against it Soledad Fandiño.

Esmeralda: "I'm very excited, I grew up as a person, as a woman and an artist.

The actors were publicly compassionate after dancing and when Marcelo announced the results, it was decided to see a big surprise. It was 65.56% of the voting solitudes, with 34.44% of the singer, and tears began to be heard.

"Thank you Emerald. We've been doing some great time and I want to continue," said the driver of his wife's wife Darío Lopérfido. "I am very excited. I grew up as a person, as a woman and an artist," said the actress, with fun spectacle spectacles. "I have already won", he concluded, saying, sensitized.

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