Tuesday , March 21 2023

Soledad Fandiño revealed his seriousness in the last part of the dance: "Today I Cried"


Soledad Fandiño He has many chances of being sentenced to Bach, after losing his choreography together Nicolás Villalba.

"What happened to you yesterday?" When asked when the show's forecast (Urban Magazine). "Things happen to you and your head is full of you." actor said

"Have you had a personal problem?"They wanted to know about the ground. "It was not a problem, things like that are given a lot." In addition to the tests I have a son and my life. "Yesterday night the disaster began, I forgot a shoe in the bar". he remembered

"The end of the year is approaching and all the emotions are on the surface, I do not want to finish the cycles, I get a little melancholy, we make up the team (dancer and coach Hernán Alegre), we love each other", explained Fandiño. She added: "I endorse the end of the competition, it's three weeks left and I do not want people to leave my life, I'd like to add people."

"Are you crying?"they asked. "Today I cried, not with them", confess only one "He cried to us last week"said Alegre.

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