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Some evaluations show Exynos 9820 and Galaxy S10 Snapdragon 855 performance

Latest Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e have passed a few days. As usual in Samsung, models with their own processors will reach the market Exynos 9820and others will do it Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm-en

For this reason, we would find some differences in terms of performance, but perhaps We did not imagine that they would be so remarkableat least referrals. AnandTech has done some tests with both models The result was amazing.

The Snapdragon 855 easily surpasses the creation of Samsung

Two processor tests have been performed. In most cases, the Qualcomm processor has been victorious without too many problems. Sometimes there was not much, but sometimes, Exynos 9820 is pretty damaged.

We will leave you here in the score table obtained in the video edition. Surprisingly, Galaxy S9 + Snapdragon 845 is found, but the most important is in S10 + points. A Korean hat is Snapdragon 855 when it is mounted, the second is close to its predecessor. However, The Exynos 9820 model goes down completely. Samsung Galaxy S10 + gets 5 596 points with Exynos, One behind the devices OnePlus 6, Mi MIX 2S, LG G7 and Google Pixel XL.

Galaxy S10 scores

We're talking about specific sections, This does not mean that the main Asian companies are stronger than Pixel XL in general terms. However, it's curious that a terminal like Samsung Galaxy S10 +, recently introduced, and a basic 8 GB RAM version, may have been behind a device that has seen more than 2 years ago. And all this for its processors.

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