Wednesday , May 18 2022

Soviet era & # 39; Moon Rocks & # 39; Sell ​​$ 855,000 at New York auction


Lunar specimens were originally Nina Ivanovna Koroleva, the widow of the Soviet space program director

Rocks extracted in three rows of rock space space missions in the 1970s were sold at $ 855,000 on Thursday's New York auction.

Sotheby's auction house has said "moon rocks", which are the only ones known as private witnesses. An individual private warehouse sold by dealers bought $ 442,500 in 1993 at the auction.

Sotheby said the buyer was privileged in another privileged congress on Thursday, but the name was not given.

The auction house said parts of the sale were 0.807 inches long .079 inches (2 x 2 mm) and .039 inches x .039 inches (1 x 1 mm), which could be $ 1 million.

Nina Ivanovna Koroleva was a friend of the widow who had been led by Former Director Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. Sobera was presented as a gift in the name of the Soviet Union, thanks to her husband's contribution, Sotheby said.

The game was recovered in September 1970, a lunar-moonless driver drilled a hole at a depth of 13.8 inches (35 cm) and extracted the core sample. The auction house said in a statement.

Most of the two emblems of the moon are left between the United States Apollo 11-17 missions and the Luna-16, Luna-20 and Luna-24 mission missions in the Soviet Union.

Collectors pay large amounts of space exploration artifacts. In the last year, Sotheby sold a silver bag, the words "Lunar Sample Return," splashed by moon, Neil Armstrong used his first mission in 1969 to the Moon in $ 1.8 million.

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