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SpaceX continues the first run of 2019 against a proven flight Falcon 9 static fire

SpaceX has made the standard Falcon 9 seasonal test before the first launch of 2019, looking at what Falcon 9 and BFR will do for years. Most importantly, of course, SpaceX's primary business and revenue sources are: securely and reliably launch satellites, payments and astronauts in a timely manner.

Prior to launching heavy Telstar 18V satellite communications in September 2018, the mission was to launch a mission historically on Falcon 9 B1049, to launch SpaceX and Iridium for the customer, the eighth and final contracted Iridium NEXT satellite communications station.

Returning in June 2010, Iridium decided to extend the contract for the NEXT constellation after less than two weeks of SpaceX, the first Falcon 9 and the only launch could be the leap forward in the history of commercial fleets. SpaceX well demonstrated the optimal price (eight-launching $ 492 million launching $ 61.5 million), and Iridium could first offer a new constellation, but the risk of Iridium was very high at that time.

Originally created between 1997 and 1998, Iridium became the first constellation and remains the only constellation of satellite communications in history to offer a global and sustainable coverage. everywhere On the ground, Iridium devices guarantee that they connect, where they are. In some ways, the original constellation has become a subtle and omnipresent access to numerous business, business and service backbone, to achieve a solution for shipbuilding and emergency solutions. Although only a small example, SpaceX's large vessels and a large fleet of transversal transport infrastructures continue to be followed by rational monitoring of the movement, to facilitate logistics and planning teams.

Iridium SpaceX's decision to use it in its NEXT constellation is likely to be given by SpaceX massive Stature Boost, with a few commercial contracts with the company, contacted the company with three of the last five commercialized companies, which at that time was the only commercial commercial aviation history. With the Commitments of the Orbital Transportation Services of the NASA (COTS) and Commitments with Resupply Services (CRS) since ~ 14 were launched since 2010, Iridium NEXT has raised the commercial manifestation of SpaceX for perhaps 2 out of 10 missions, and the value of these contracts almost matter million It has more than one dollar.

SpaceX and Iridium have plans for the 24-month period from 2015 to 2015, unplanned technical transitions and a 2015-2016 flight pair of Falcon 9 voids (CRS-7 and Amos-6). In the end Iridium NEXT started its debut for several years. Despite major penalties and smaller problems, SpaceX and Iridium finally managed to launch satellites in January 2017 and continued for 3-4 months. It participated in the other five satellite NEXT satellites in May of 2018, with seven presentations placing ten NEXT satellites (10,000 kg or 22,000 lb. Total weight) in low polar orbits without slip no-known.

Falcon 9 goes into reuse

Following SES, NASA and SSL (BulgariaSat), Iridium was also the fourth commercial organization to launch a Falcon 9 rocket flight-proven flight on the fourth flight of the vehicle. Iridium-8 will be the fourth constellation speed when flying over the rocket rocket Falcon 9, 50% of the next genre's satellites will reuse rockets. Nowadays, nearest 65 nearby orbiting satellites and speeding up their operating status, Falcon 9 B1049 and high-speed (transverse transverse) stages will place the last ten satellites to complete the ultimate orbital plane constellation and the perfect global coverage for sealing the last step.

Although NEXT is a valuable value, although the predecessor satellites have a long duration of 5-10 years, the NEXT will also increase to increase the overall bandwidth of Iridium, move on to the combination of user bottles and a platform for new Aeronautics services. Be the first operator to track the verifiable aircraft trademarks with global satellite coverage.

Considering everything, Iridium will go to watch and SpaceX's direct contact will close at Iridium-8. After a shot of nine nine replacement spare parts from 75 to nine, Iridium will have six additional parts, until they are needed in the ground to be stored in the orbit. If one of these times, SpaceX will compete with other startup providers in order to take one or two Iridium satellites in the future.

In the meantime, Iridium-8 is set to start up and time to prepare for the next 24-48 hours announced by SpaceX.

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