Friday , May 20 2022

SpaceX has 64 satellites


SpaceX's Elon Musk launches a Californian Falcon 9 rocket launching a small orbit around the Earth on 64 small satellites, the company named the largest US-based rocket-based "reproduction mission".

The mission called SSO-A also marked a trip to the spacecraft Falcon 9 rocket, another spacecraft's low-cost rocket resonant technology.

Falcon 9 worked at Californian Vandenberg Air Force Base at local time at 10:34 (0534 AEDT) with 34 companies transporting satellites of government organizations and universities.

SpaceX said the role of Spaceflight for the Seattle company was to set up an airline company to be the most complex and complex railway company for each satellite maker.

The mission is to bring India India a rocket to bring 31 satellites into space.

Since launching, the booster of the first phase of Falcon 9 returned from the ground, as a ship emerges from the southern California coast, according to a direct flight path.

However, the amount of charges of Falcon 9 – launching across the space that protects the satellites – lost a landing network in the abyss and ended in the ocean.

"Falcon fairing halves lost the network, but touched softly in the water," Musk, SpaceX chief executive officer said on Twitter. He told them he was taken to the ship.

"There's nothing new to do to dry and start the plans." Musk, CEO of Tesla, also said on Twitter.

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