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SpaceX rocket booster is missing out on space as a supply shipment


The Christmas turkey is currently moving towards the International Space Station, with cranberry sauce, confit and compulsory fruit.

SpaceX Booster lost ground on the ground and, consequently, a couple of miles from the sea reached the sea.

Groans broadcast live video at SpaceX Mission Control in Hawthorne, California, where he controlled the booster rocket of the first phase, beyond Cape Canaveral.

He fell to the ground of the first land of the company, though it often had boats floating in the past, he had to flee.

A SpaceX writer called him "bummer", but stated that the Falcon 9 rocket aims to get the Dragon capsule orbit.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk said the bulb was not damaged.

The hydraulic landing gear systems apparently stopped, but the engine stabilized a 50-m-high booster that allowed a "full landing of water". Musk has said through Twitter.

"The boats that are on the way to save Falcon," he tweeted.

SpaceX's 12 groundbreaking extras returned to 2015. All were successful.

In total, the company has retrieved 32 boosters after liftoff – after finishing 33, said Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of SpaceX. Does not know that it can be reused.

The first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket is located in the Atlantic land instead of a landing area.
The first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket is located in the Atlantic land instead of a landing area.

Koenigsmann's booster necessarily avoided land as a result of a problem creating a security feature and getting it straight to the Atlantic on landing legs.

"Public safety was well protected here," he told reporters.

The successful flight of the dragon capsule and a 2500 kg load. It will arrive at the weekend space station.

In addition to the smoked turkey breasts and other fixings for Christmas dinner, 40 mice and 36,000 worms are included for aging and muscle studies.

The researchers expect a ten-person growth. There will be plenty of tobacco for small nematodes. Muscles become similar to our structure and function, making perfect laboratory alternatives, said Scientific Director Timothy Etheridge of Exeter University in England.

When the advancement was delayed one day, the NASA discovered that the mouse was a mold for food. He had to take more food to California.

SpaceX has sent shipments to NASA since 2012. The private company plans to set up station crews next year.

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