Friday , May 20 2022

SpaceX will fly the same rocket the third time on Sunday


California's Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, starting at Sunday's Falcon 9 Rocket, from 1:32 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (18:32 UTC) and 2:00 a.m. (19:00 a.m. UTC), for a first time window, is significant for many reasons.

On the one hand, it will be launched on the 19th of 2018 and, if successful, the SpaceX record will be broken down in most of the calendar-driven missions. Due to the fact that in December there were some of the demonstrations, SpaceX has more than 22 rockets this year. This means that SpaceX has repaired the production process and processing and could not stop launching more than eight rockets before 2016, and it was not the case last year.

Perhaps even more important, successful flights would mark the third flight of this first stage of Falcon 9 on Sunday. This Core went for the first time on May 11, for Bangabandhu-1 mission, and again, on August 7, for Merah Putih mission. Now, for the first time, SpaceX will fly the first time (and its nine Merlin engines) for the third time.

Three months ago, rocketing less than seven months ago, would result in a reduction in the cost of flying Falcon 9. This has become possible for the latest version of Falcon 9 Booster, Block 5, designed for the best reusability for engineers. (The flight of the Suzete axis May was marked for the first time by the block of Falcon 9 block 5). The smallest example of the time and cost reduction effort (SpaceX) is no longer used in the first phase of the rocket, which explains that two thirds of the assembled witch explains the bottom song, but the third one is pristine white. This is the high-level news and load-charging news for each flight.

In the end, Sunday's role is highlighted by many of its cargoes as part of Spaceflight SSO-A mission. SpaceX will set the record for the launch of the US in the majority of satellites all over the world in space, including 15 microsat and 49 cubes of commercial and government organizations around the world. (Two of them, interesting, originate in Kazakhstan, in several countries that launch the Russian space agency).

The Spaceflight company has organized a four-tonne manifesto on Sunday flight. He designed the battery charge and coordinated a large number of satellite dispensers at a height of 575km when he achieved a solar orbital polar orbits in the orbit. Satellite deployment will take 13 minutes and ends up within 30 minutes.

SpaceX will retrieve this booster again with droneship again Just read the instructions Occupation of the Pacific Bar. If successful, we hope that this first stage will unprecedentedly make a fourth flight in 2019.

The webcast below is about 15 minutes before the launcher window is opened.

Start Spaceflight SSO-A.

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