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Spain could be the first country to prohibit gasoline and diesel cars

One of the biggest enemies in the environment is the internal combustion engine that uses petroleum (diesel or gasoline). Although they are anti-pollution standards, as they are more stringent, in terms of CO 2 CO2 emissions, It seems European governments
He wants to shut off the poisoning of war and planet.

In this regard Spain is the first country to ban diesel if it is approved by the new Climate Change and Transition Energy TreatyPlanned plans to reduce pollutant emissions.

The project, which will go to the Spanish Congress in Spain in February, foresees the creation of a law prohibiting the sale and circulation of internal combustion vehicles. First of all, in 2025 diesel vehicles would run away, all internal combustion vehicles for the year 2040 would be stopped, and finally, Using 2050 would be prohibited.

Other measures that reduce the levels of pollutants are also reduced, for example, in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France or the United Kingdom, in order to exclude a type of circulation in some large urban areas.

The incentive is another way that encourages the purchase of "green" vehicles. For example, In Great Britain, 1,169 million euros will be awarded for the purchase of electric cars at incentives. In addition, small emission areas have been set up when tolls are only charged for old vehicles (that is, pollutants)

In Germany, the government offers € 8,000 for the fleet of Euro 1 and Euro 4 diesel cars, and Volkswagen announced a bid that offers 7,000 euros (discount) for owners of 4 or 5 diesel models per brand. change for a new one
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