Monday , May 10 2021

Speaking about Juanfer Quintero, River 10 and his enthusiasts started a phrase that captivates them

While in campus River His latest training in Punta del Este before returning to the country, Juan Fernando Quintero He talked shirt number 10 leave empty Gonzalo Martínez and it started up Message about your future The fascinations of "Millionaire" fans.

"Pity made the final goal and used it last year, not in Pityen"He said, laughing, when they asked him, if he used his vocal".My 10 is not, I'm happy 8 and I have to use the Cup, I'm very proud I'll wear that number. The main reason is the basin shirt, "added the Colombian 25 years old

Of course, see "Juanfer" with ham "Band" It might just happen Libertadores, Why? Superliga It prohibits the regulation by number through the development of the tournament.

In addition, the author who has obtained before mouth according to Superfinal He mentioned rumors that linked the footballer to Madrid China and the decision that will continue in the river. "I live every day and I am happy here. I can not talk about the future any doubt. Today I am in the river, I'm happy and I try to enjoy momentum. Where did I want to be and I look forward to it all the time", expressed in the interview TyC Sports.

Núñez returns to Argentina to finish his pre-season and face the first commitment: match against the match on April 8 Defendsa and justice, the Saturday, January 19 in the Monumental

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