Wednesday , February 1 2023

Special messages from Boca and River on the day of Superfinal


Today is the day it was so much dreamed. How many generations have you imagined this game: River and Boca, face to face, to define the Copa Libertadores champion. And he'll wait.

On Saturday, November 24th, it will remain forever in Argentina, South America, and why not in the history of world football. That is why the two clubs decided very special messages On your Twitter accounts.

Each bet of different strategies. The millionaire closed on Friday, with a video of her fans, the image of a family that started with the weekend (from three generations to the next), reaching the monumental stage, on a t-shirt.

Xeneize, however, did not sleep, and tried to throw flowers to the lake.

At 17, the ball will start and the word time will end. The series is also 2-2. It should be remembered that in this case it is not the famous "goal of the visitor" to run. In the case of the draw, they will spend extra time and, if they do not differentiate between the differences, they will determine penalties.

After a breakthrough, the Obelisk was set to adapt to the championship celebrations. The fans will be able to live a moment and the historical monument will have the colors of the winning team.

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