Sunday , May 16 2021

Spektr-R: Russian single space telescope & # 39; does not respond & # 39;

The rocket that leads the spectrum radio astronomy spectrum extends to space on July 18, 2011Image copyright
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The Spektr-R Radio Astronomy Observatory was opened in July 2011

Only one Russian space radio telescope is no longer responding to Earth commands, officials said.

Astro Space Center chief Nikolai Kardashev told Spektr-R to stop working on some satellite communication systems.

Scientific data is still transmitting, as reported by the RIA Novosti agency.

The telescope exceeds its estimated five-year duration, as Roskosmos of the Russian space agency says.

While the specialists repeatedly tried and missed the connection, Mr Kardashev said.

Yuri Kovalev, a researcher at the Spektr-R project, tightened his bond on 11 January, but "there is no hope".

Spektr-R started in space in 2011

A new German and Russian satellite, Spektr-RG, will be launched this year.

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