Thursday , January 21 2021

Spider, vegan woman becomes carnivorous when it comes to an arachnid

A woman originally from Sacramento, Sylwia Tabor, in California He packed his bags in July 2017, when his ankle was stung by a spider, he gained many body victories and his skin began to rot.

He commented Press Associations: "At first I did not like it, they just buzzed my ankle.

"But by the end of August, I developed the super grain groin area, which grew and increased in the following days until the size of the hand. "

The problem began to spread in his body Sylwia went to the hospital, diagnosed with Fasciitis necrotizing (NF), and therefore performed a three-hour surgery to prevent the spread of the disease throughout your body.

Because of that Sylwia had to undergo surgery, with a stomach-like graft instead of the destroyed illness.

But apart from his physical appearance, There were also internal damage, at which time Sylwia recalled that it was virtually impossible to eat without eruptions or falling.

Sylwia It became a vegan in 2008 and initially it worked hard and weakened, Later he got to do this diet.

After the operation, The doctors recommended that meat and animal products should return to the consumer to regain strength I lost all of this procedure.

But while I took antibiotics, Sylwia says that the flesh did not eat the only thing.

After a joked partner Starting the "carnivorous diet" in January 2018 He tried to start eating only steak or rare strangers.

Despite the cost of the first job, after doing so "He was born since he was suffering from a somnambulatory condition."

Former vegan Seeds and vegetables are "antinutrient", meaning that they inhibit their absorption in the intestine.

"I feel better than ever, even eating a normal diet. For people that could be unusual, I would just try to say, because it can help you feel better. "

Initially It became a vegan for ethical ways of getting meat. But he has searched for an alternative anti-animal alternative.

"I got my flesh from a local farmer. I know it's a good place, so I do not think about the ethics concerns that we have been facing before. "

"Vegetables and seeds, being the only source of my food for a long time, are antinutrient compounds that cause excess compounds to be absorbed by the intestines. And it definitely affected me in the long run. "

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