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Spooky: Carolina Papaleo said about the slander that overthrew her husband's husband – 28/08/2014

Carolina Papaleo He spoke clearly "you are wrong"(In America) and his ex-husband (he never said with Mario Rio's title) and he was mistreated by his father's son Matías.

Driving cycle Moria Casán They were about the subject Juan Darthés and make a complaint for breach what to do with the actress Thelma Fardin Before Nicaraguan Justice. Moria asked in the debate Carolina who told his experience as a victim of male abuse. The Panelist accepted the proposal and moved it with a strong testimony.

"My son's father's wedding was not there," said Carolina Papaleo, explaining the incidents that happened with her husband: "He started with a scene of jealousy, my friends, faculties … He told me about the last straw that he had been doing for a while in Carlos Paz:If you have not left your mother (Irma Roy), you will not be released. & # 39; He told me: "If I go down and your mother is still home, I'll shoot you (your son) from the tenth floor& # 39; ".

Then, Carolina Papaleo In order to avoid a drama, his mother, Irma Roy, had to leave the house. According to her, she asked her mother and her friends: "Get this guy out of me".

All of them, without knowing "how to escape from madness"As Carolina defined, he thought of how to get it." The plan was modest for me, because I thought everything was crazy, when I started crazy I decided to go down, "he recalled. Carolina Papaleo.

When the actress determined the hell he lived in that moment, he admitted, He thought he was dead: "My friends came to my house and we all had time, he called me He told me that he was smoking inside the house inside, I was breaking downI would not be able to work ".

After leaving that house, he explained Carolina PapaleoShe went to her mother. So he also went to the father of his son After taking the baby, he said he would not see the children. After recruiting a researcher, Carolina Papale recovered her son, assessed the complaint and measured the perimeter of a father's boy.

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