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Spyro Reigned Trilogy, an offensive dragon

Spider-Man PS4 is unprepared for topicality, no doubt, Goty 2018 candidate and character and super-heroic games of subgeneration and one of the most fun and entertaining games, Insomniac, pauses One, it realizes that he has half a life. Like Naughty Dog, Insomniac has delivered IP consoles for 4 generations: Spyro PSone, Ratchet & Clank with PS2 However, following the next PlayStation consoles, including laptops, PS3 resistance, and the mentioned Spider-Man for PS4.

Platforms and dragon

After his first game, Disrupore won well but did not sellIn Spotlight, Insomniacek met Spyro with a 3-person platform Pixar, a 90-year-old dragon, starred in his stamp, which is natural, imagination, color, fun, which the studio would apply to all his works – endurance, a good trilogy except FPS, but you're not laughing. Spyro was created in 1998 as a character, at the age of 20, from various (and almost) published editions of eighth generation (different fortune), which was the first successful hit toy. : Skylanders.

But playing our PS4 version in our hands these days is not a new adventure for a dragon. Da Absolutely "Back to Basics", a wonderful meeting between three gamers with a fragrant aroma of the new 3D platformIn total, two decades ago, the worlds were not so open, maps were not flooded with icons, and life was just like jumping, sheep, chicken and trolls, to find gems, dragon eggs and go out to have fun, more than just studying everything.

Rescue good boys and bad bad

Those who do not know Spyro, or those who do not know it, never considered the original trilogy, are the first three Spyro games Third-person adventures focused on platforms and contests, completely insomniac plot ideal for a very wide audience. Target -eye, dragons, small jumps and colors does not mean 'only for children'. Simple tracking, humor is continuous and applied, for example, when the first Spyro starts shooting a documentary, where dragons dwelling in fantasy lands and portals are anthropomorphic. Gott Gnasty Gnorce turns the gliding manual into a crystal, scary, and a dangerous opponent. Sipro is in the background looking for sheep.

As with many generational games and previous platforms, The narration remains in the background, which is applied to different scenes, the force consists in pure and hard behaviorThough Spyro 2 and 3 character groups are significantly enhanced, we also control other than dragoncitos. Around the world, the small areas with the main objectives have a vastly connected space; For example, Spyro 1 must be dragged by dragons and as secondary collectives – gems, gems everywhere, boxes with hidden keys, eggs, dragon, even though There are bonus levels (free flight) This aims to overcome challenges at a certain time, to add extra cherries, to overcome them.

While Spyro 2 and 3 are more complex games, three games keep a similar line and often will be simple compared to today's game. But be careful, they do not have 50 sidequests that do not match them and they will not blurry with RPG and you will pass Lego competitions, because they are titles where the "GAMER" line shows. For an expert, each Spyro will not be difficult to overcome in general, but here are three and three breaks that will be fights; Collections you can not find and get 100% annoy you annoying you; last ones; At the moment, I have lost, and now I have to do what? " And it's the achievement of things that make you cheat, like the new Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

Old School

On average In 6-7 hours each delivery, full The Spyro restructured trilogy will be between 18-20 hours. But & # 39; Strip & & # 39; is on the plan If you want to confuse all the secrets, make the second missions and get 100% of the world. hours will be doubled easy Backtracking is a great item to pause each game's pause to find a world in the list Moving the place to the place We do not continue to seek 100%. This option that does not affect duration will not tolerate the rhythm of the game.

Say "If something works, why it changes," study Bobs toys in the three Skylanders in their curriculum and Crash Bandicoot's N. Sane Trilogy Switch port. He was in charge of the interventionHe demonstrated that he has demonstrated with Insomniac's original trilogy. The gameplay is the same, the right wand is more than free to map the camera. Remember the free PSone camera with the help of remote buttons and not stick buttons? "Fear, fear …" in wide areas, it is also a free camera, but it is a continual relocation in the narrower areas, especially if we must fight. You need to press a trick on the left shooter to reset it on the track or press and drag the "Spyro behind" camera. There will be a sharp turn again again.

Control is perfect in his response, there is no delay in pulsations And even if we are going to see how we feel the Spyro plane in the air. And the same is true, so if they are veteran saga, your games will be like remembering in PSX, which is better, because it allows new cartography of some buttons. The same level of paintings, but basically The path is the same, only in a visual environment, but at the same time new.


Visually, it's clear that this part of the lion is a remake. The exam has its fifth generation games and has low polygonal loads redo from top to bottom, but it has not changed but has improved. The color is continuous, the Spyro animations are very large, the distance of the horizons in air areas is palpable, the scenes of the game engine are restored and everything is very good. Texture level is not too much, but the set is based on game style. Kudos to the best: the character design and, above all, the dragon, We first went from an almost geek genius Spyro to the remodeled dragons gallery and all the famous people and admire a lot of details.

And sonorously another joy. Dobraketa is a good and fluid Spanish, and BSO is Stewart Copeland, gElectric chairs, Beats and rock percussion, only with excellent add-ons: at any time the game can be stopped, enter the menu and Select whether we want to listen to BSO for 20 years or the restructured version for the game that strikes the original sounds without sharpening

(Note: The PS4 version of Activision provided this encoding)

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