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STEP IN CRISIS: almost everybody seeks to penetrate without election

The Government wants to relax the inner front and, as far as possible, the primary ones help to increase costs. They are being applied in many territories and this week, from the UCR, they showed the cooling signals of the problem. Yesterday, a virtual partner, Roberto Lavagna, talked about "need", aside from electoral elections. And a few days later, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner made it clear that he could request a Peronist from Buenos Aires without going through surveys. STEP, CRISIS.

However, this tendency to avoid primary school is not the result of a substantive debate on PASO. This is a strictly speaking system, It offers several points of controversy: It is possible to designate the most popular nominating candidates and to be rehabilitated or extended after the allies. It also adds good points, greater transparency and system width, official registers and non-members.

The debate would give more, but that is not what appears now. In any case, it would appear a part of what happens these days The long crisis of the parties, as a food expression and at the same time a position of attitudes and social reflexes. Pure tactics, which would transform PASO into one of the first election polls, which is the general poll, which defines the first and most serious polls polls.

He was able to go to the General Grant of Cambiemos in order to be a sensitive issue in summer politics, but he reaffirmed in recent days. The government, not just Marcos Peña, showed the signs that limit this debate, at least early. The president of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, of the Government, resolved the radicalization that resolved if the international presidency that finishes in April and May. It is not a novelty in itself: then the National Party Agreement is envisaged. He even said It would be necessary to wait for the economic question to fit.

In fact, the background curtain describes the economic crisis and its serious social impact, which must be observed in the party that has resolved this tension. Maccasson and some of the partners' nuances do not seem to be the best formula to show conflict in power spaces An exciting economic image. Additionally, an open internal, regional and district range can be a factor in improving the deterioration of the image, which may have an impact on the economy in the economy.

In addition to the level of drama and internal use, this diagnosis would be adapted to reality, rather than a sharp decline from PRO PRO's first election in La Pampa, less than one point national standard. Of course, internal suffrage was directly related to the presidential account, citing Macrist spokesman's criticism of Mac Allister's criticisms.

Next, Cambiemos was close to the non-governmental regional agreements. Capital and Buenos Aires, as well as Jujuy and Mendoza, were consolidated. And a bit to make the Pampean empire excessive and much more economical, the discussions settled in nearly a dozen provinces, with the first formulas made up of radicals. The most fascinating and noisy case is in Cordoba, and in the middle of March Mario Negri will face radicals Héctor Baldassi and Ramón Mestrer.

And, after Martin Lousteau's position, he was able to register for the internal race. Try to cool inside for at least a couple of months. It is perhaps the story that catches some chapters.

Since it is less closed, federal PJs and partners have the potential of armed forces. Lavagna has demanded to avoid internal in order to avoid being trapped in the exclusive construction of the Peronist by relatives. In the Peronist media, some say more: they say it is the broadest signal Macri and the former president in the fight against the opposition. Those who do not want to make former ministers want to "crown" it.

The candidate was placed in PASO Juan Manuel Urtubey until now. Sergio Massa was said to be a similar party, but then he sought the tone of his statement, at least according to his spokesman, and the former minister had a wide-ranging meeting. The Federal Party, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, said that it would be another place for founders. He also circulates the Cordovan Juan Schiaretti, keeps track of the polls and reviews his predisposition to the supporters of Salta.

All this is part of the federal Peronism. Outside the core, other governors are expected to see how national surveys evolve to ensure their territories. They also pay attention to Lavagna or its effect. Outside, signals are also clear: socialist Miguel Lifschitz, who had obtained the army from the prime minister, claimed that space to other candidates. Lavagna concludes as the cornerstone of the wider armed election. Less playing, for example, is Margarita Stolbizer, which promotes the idea of ​​constructing a third option.

In hard Kirchnerism and allied Peronism, however, there is little doubt about construction. In a formal manner, they hold the opposite opposition opposition. At the same time, other forces, especially the federal PJ, are challenging the first level competing for the definition of presidential candidates. But they do it According to the vote made by the CFKIt is enough, as opposed to other statements linked to the unity of the citizen, that even those who reject offers.

But outside of this game, the former president has given the greatest signal of the border barriers to solve the internal investigation of the polls. He said he would not be the first to define the Buenos Aires formula. I mean, he would not pay anything for anything that could cause costs or risks for his political project.

In any given case, the primary ones appear as problems, rather than the way in which to resolve internal competences. You do not see, at least in the main positions, the opposite direction calculations. The election calendar records the STEP of August, although in June there must be candidates. Then you will see if there is a game for each club.

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