Monday , July 4 2022

Stephanie Demner tried "chubby": her note


Stephanie Demner recorded a photo at Instagram's music festival with a long, long dress. Some social networking users said the model had gone through a few pounds and had a "pancita".

"When will we continue to support social support for these types of comments? Should they be clear: if they tell me I'm fatter or skinnier, I'm not interested," the girl wrote in the first Instagram story.

He continued: "In my opinion networks (mine or anybody) seeing this type of comments is very annoying, since girls seem to feel that they are not safe or that they are not happy with the body and that these comments are hurt."

"I promote my acceptance and self-esteem on my networks, not on a scale or a lot less, someone who tells us behind the cell phone." Stephanie Demner said.

And he closed another point: "I called his name, saying that he was a" joke ", he told me that he did not think again and again, I will serve as an example and we will be more aware of anything written by the social networks" .

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